Well services course will provide a basic understanding of well services including planning, drilling the well including vertical and deviated wells, measurements while drilling and its importance in drilling a deviated well. Will cover the types of conventional and advanced drilling motors, rotary steerable, logging while drilling services and a comparison between LWD and Wireline logging.

The course will cover well stimulation, types of formation, hydraulic fracturing, artificial lift and types of fracture fluids, sand control, formation damage, completion and production in addition to coiled tubing services.

Discipline:  Drilling Engineering
 Level:  Fundamental
 Duration:  5 Days
  • Exploration and production of an oil/gas well.
  • Geology and geophysics, i.e how oil and gas is formed
  • Reservoir engineering
  • Drilling Rigs types i.e rotary table vs top drive
  • Rig operations
  • Drilling fluids, Mud types
  • Directional drilling operations
  • Measurements while drilling
  • Telemetry services
  • Logging while drilling fundamentals
  • Gamma measurements
  • Resistivity tools types and measurements
  • Density and porosity measurements
  • Acoustic measurements
  • Imaging services
  • Nuclear Magnetic resonance
  • Cementing services
  • Coiled tubing and its types
  • Artificial lift
  • Well head operations
  • Well stimulation