This two days course gives an overview and introduction about Petroleum industry and its importance on world economics.

The course will highlight the pricing, global reserves and energy trends nowadays. Will discuss the oil and gas exploration and its effect on organizational success and will go through the basics of drilling and evaluation and reservoir engineering.

The course will highlight the procedures for maximizing Oil &Gas field, new field development and opportunities for production optimization

Discipline: Drilling Engineering
 Level:  Fundamental
 Duration:  2 Days
  • Importance of the industry plays on world economic
  • Pricing, global reserves and energy trends
  • Exploration elements and its role in organizations success
  • Exploration licensing
  • Fundamentals & basics of drilling & evaluation
  • Basics of reservoir engineering
  • Maximizing the oil and gas field value
  • New field development
  • Production engineering
  • Opportunities to optimize producing field and increase production