Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD) is a type of Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) tools that incorporates the measurement tools into the drill-string and provides real-time information to help with steering the drilling bit.

Real-time drilling information, MWD uses magnetometers and accelerometers to determine borehole inclination and azimuth during the actual drilling.

The data is then transmitted to the surface encoded in hydraulic pulses through the mud column (mud pulse telemetry) & decoded at the surface; the data can also be transmitted to an offsite location immediately.

The course will discuss MWD operations and measurements techniques, MWD/LWD tool assembly and how the tool delivers the information from downhole to surface in addition to all deliverables that could be obtained from MWD/LWD tool.

Will discuss  LWD technologies starting from basic measurements i.e Gamma ray passing by resistivity, density, porosity to  advanced measurements such as acoustic, magnetic resonance and seismic while drilling.

Discipline:  Drilling Engineering
Level:  Intermediate
Duration:  5 Days
  • MWD Tool History
  • MWD Tool assembly and components
  • MWD Probe tools applications
  • MWD Collar based tool applications
  • Tools communications with surface systems
  • Tool memory dump and log production
  • MWD surface hardware rig-up
  • MWD Unit installation and pressurization
  • Gamma ray tool types
  • Gamma ray measurements and applications
  • Resistivity tool types
  • Resistivity tools measurements and applications
  • Density-Porosity tool types
  • Density-porosity measurements and applications
  • Resistivity Imaging “HD”
  • Density imaging
  • Azimuthal caliper imaging
  • Acoustic tools
  • Acoustic measurements and applications
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance applications
  • Formation tester and sampling applications
  • Seismic while drilling measurements and applications
  • Near bit Gamma service applications
  • Near bit resistivity service applications