Drilling services course discuss the products and services utilized in well construction and reduce the non-productive time (NPT).

Drilling services including conventional and automated directional drilling services which ensure precise wellbore placement with high rate of penetration (ROP) from land and offshore well environment. The directional MWD services position the wellbore with real-time downhole measurements and LWD systems offers advanced formation evaluation data while drilling to maximize reservoir production.

Reservoir navigation services reduce non-productive time (NPT) and maximize production by keeping the wellbore in the pay zone .Drilling optimization service identifies causes of non-productive time to help improve operational performance safely, reliably, and efficiently.

Casing &liner drilling reduces non-productive time that might happen in conventional drilling operations and the Coring service focuses on coring performance and core quality.

Drilling services package is the solution to well construction and well placement in the sweet spot of the pay zone with the minimum NPT.

Discipline:  Drilling Engineering
Level:  Intermediate
Duration:  5 Days
  • Surface logging services
  • Drilling fluids (Mud) Types
  • Remote operation services
  • Conventional drilling services
  • Types of drilling motors
  • Advanced drilling services
  • Rotary steerable services
  • Drilling optimization strategy and services
  • Wellbore positioning services
  • Measurements while drilling services (MWD)
  • Telemetry tools
  • Surface Software & hardware
  • Logging while drilling (LWD) equipment and benefits
  • Coring services and equipment
  • Casing drilling
  • Liner drilling
  • Re-entry services
  • Coil tubing
  • Directional drilling and M/LWD Job HS&E requirements on rigsite