Applied Capillary Pressure and Saturation Height Modeling

This is an applied course on how to use capillary pressure data to help the user understand what is controlling the fluid distribution, the importance of pore geometry and why water saturation is not an accident.

Discipline: Petrophysics
Level: Advanced
Duration: 5 Days
  1. Pore Geometry and Wettability.
  2. Drainage and Imbibition Capillary Pressure Data.
  3. Fluid contacts and Free Water Level.
  4. Measurement Methods and Options.
  5. Converting from Lab Conditions to Height.
  6. Introduction to Petrophysical Rock Types.
  7. Saturation Height Models to Predict Saturation Distribution.

Any geologist, petrophysicist or engineer that needs to understand fluid contacts, the free water level and why water saturation is not an accident.