Dipmeter and Borehole Image Logging

Borehole imaging tools provide an image of the borehole wall that is typically based on physical property contrasts. There are currently a wide variety of imaging tools available, though these predominately fall into two categories: resistivity and acoustic imaging tools. The application of image logs in our industry has long been undervalued or not fully appreciated. The interpretation of images is a skill that needs to be learned and the best way to do so is with some of the industries’ leading interpreters. Borehole images, both wireline and LWD can fill a vital data gap between core and seismic data.

Discipline: Petrophysics
Level: Advanced
Duration: 5 Days
  • Definitions, Tools, theory of the dipmeter and borehole images.
  • Types of the borehole images.
  • Image Processing and quality control.
  • Interpretation techniques.
  • Petrophysical interpretation of borehole images.
  • Structural interpretation of the dipmeter and borehole images.
  • Fracture description from borehole images and dipmeter data.
  • Stratigraphic, Sedimentologic interpretation and facies creation based on borehole images and dipmeter.
  • Facies association and depositional modeling.

Petrophysicists, reservoir engineers, exploration and development geologists, core and log analysts, geophysicists, drilling and completion engineers, and oil company research and development staff.