Seismic Stratigraphy

  • How To Apply geophysical fundamentals to uncovering the geological information embedded within seismic
  • Understand the premises behind the Vail seismic sequence paradigm
  • Construct and interpret chronostratigraphic charts, sea level curves, and seismic facies maps
  • Interpret clastic and carbonate depositional system responses to allocyclic and autocyclic processes and the effects upon reservoir architecture and seal potential
Discipline: Geophysics
Level: Advanced
Duration: 5 Days

Introduction: philosophy and history

Geophysical fundamentals

Breaking out operational sequences

Introduction to fault interpretation

Chronostratigraphy construction and interpretation

Sea level curves, accommodation space, and cycle orders

Vail sequence theory and sequence hierarchy

Carbonate sequences

Siliciclastic sequences

Seismic facies

Paleo-environmental analysis

Geohistory reconstruction

Optimizing exploration

  • Geophysicists, geologists, explorationists, and managers who are interested in an introduction or review of the theory and application of contemporary seismic stratigraphic techniques to