Fundamentals of Seismic Acquisition &Processing & Interpretation

Discipline: Geophysics
Level: Intermediate
Duration: 4 Days

Introduction and Theoretical Background; Introduction & Geophysical Methods

Seismic Waves; Propagation Concepts, Classification, Wave Elements, Ray Paths,

Ghost & Multiple Reflections, Refraction, Diffraction, Attenuation, Velocity,&

Reflection Coefficient

Overview of Seismic Data Acquisition; Acquisition Fields, Systems, Geometries, &

Data Recording

Noises Affecting Seismic Recording; Classification of Noises & Noises Examples

Overview of Seismic Data Processing; Demultiplexing, Gain Recovery, AGC, Trace Editing & Muting, Static Corrections, Deconvolution, Filtering, NMO, Migration, etc

Overview of Seismic Data Interpretation; 2D & 3D, Seismic-Well Tie, Structural & Stratigraphic Interpretation, AVO, Spectral Decomposition, Coherency, etc

Participants are encouraged to bring data examples related to this course.