Applied Reservoir Petrophysics and Characterization

In this course you will learn how to exploit interpretation techniques to spot exploration opportunities, such as bypassed pay and new resources in existing fields. You will learn how to improve dynamic simulation modelling through integration of petrophysical data. You will study advanced permeability and capillary saturation models, and construction.

Through dynamic modelling, you gain an advanced understanding of applied reservoir petrophysics and characterization using integration of data at the pore scale. You learn how to exploit interpretation techniques to spot exploration opportunities, such as bypassed pay and new resources in existing fields. You learn how to improve dynamic simulation modelling through integration of petrophysical data. You study advanced permeability and capillary saturation models, and construction.

Discipline: Petrophysics
Level: Advanced
Duration: 5 Days
  • Petrophysical rock types.
  • Water saturation (Sw) and impact of capillary pressure and rock electrical properties.
  • Comparison of log-based Sw relationships.
  • Permeability prediction and capillary saturation workflows with example model construction.
  • Height function and Thomeer approaches.
  • Drainage and imbibition relative permeability curves and their relationship to wettability.
  • Wellbore simulation using petrophysical rock types, facies, and flow units.
  • Recovery factor simulation based on petrophysical data.
  • Application of field-study flow units.

Petrophysicists, Geoscientists, Geophysicists, Engineers, Managers and Supervisors.