Petroleum Sedimentology

Various aspects of applied sedimentology, leading the attendee from the basics to the use of sedimentological data in reservoir studies and the impact of sedimentological features on reservoir performance.

Discipline: Geology
Level: Fundamental
Duration: 3 Days
  • Sediment textures and their influence on reservoir quality (porosity and permeability)
  • Brief introduction to diagenesis
  • Sedimentary processes – transport and deposition
  • Facies analysis – methods for the interpretation of sedimentary environments from core and wireline logs
  • Introduction to the aeolian, fluvial, shallow marine and deep-water depositional environments, with examples of hydrocarbon reservoirs from these environments
  • Use of outcrop analogues
  • Data collection strategies in the field and subsurface
  • 3-D modelling and geological realism
  • Reservoir engineering aspects of sedimentology – impact of heterogeneity on fluid flow
  • Field trip to examine modern and ancient sedimentology

Exploration and development geologists, exploration and development managers, and geophysicists as well as engineers with some geologic background will benefit.