Integrated G & G Services 

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                         Integration of Quality & Accuracy
Petroleum Data Assets Performance Optimization

Leading the Future

GeoEnergy is a world leader in Petroleum Services and provides high quality upstream and downstream services around the globe. The company is now at the forefront of a new revolution by creating a multi-disciplinary products and services that integrate a range of traditional and Innovative solutions to better serve petroleum industry with powerful, cost efficient and forward thinking technologies


Petroleum Data Management

A professional management for subsurface information has significant impact on the overall performance of E&P companies. GeoEnergy understand the criticality of managing petroleum data that would reveal substantial opportunities to increase the total value that E&P companies generate


Reservoir Characterization

GeoEnergy represent Unibest Technology Inc. with Uni- Imaging Technology for seismic Data 5D regularization and Seismic Data De-noising. Using Fresnel zone Beam migration of anisotropic medium technology, Unibest generate a high fidelity and high resolution imaging technology for lithologic reservoir.


Training & Workshops

GeoEnergy is your way to lead today’s oil & gas challenges. Our training methodology based on overall analysis for the market circumstances.  GeoEnergy approach of understanding oil and gas dynamic requirements made us a permanent place for a “Better”.


Rig Supplies

Smith Cooper -Sharpe Valves, NeOz Energy and Magnum Hawk are professional business partners with GeoEnergy where, we strive to provide each customer knowledgeable and trusted service from your first phone call and inquiry to the prompt delivery of your product or spare part. The parts are inspected for adherence to standards and are delivered without delays. Our company is proud to turn first-time customers into returning, loyal customers who know that we value their needs and expectations.